Luke Irwin, or BVandDietPepsi, as MMA blog-geeks may know him, is just a man with a dream.  Whiskey pond.  But his other dream is perfecting the art of hazily rambling about how Pernell Whitaker was robbed against Julio Cesar Chavez.  God help you for clicking into his carnival.

Benjamin Kohn

Hello fellow combat sports fans, how’s it hanging? My name is Benjamin Michael Kohn but yo umay refer to me as Ben. What got me into martial arts was getting my ass beaten down throughout HS. About as cliche as it gets right there no? Anyway long story short, some MMA training got me into seriously training BJJ at Marcelo Garcia’s academy in NYC (that’s right, be jealous) and now I could not be happier with what I am doing. I am currently a blue belt and I have no intentions of ever stopping my training. I look forward to having deep and meaningful conversations with all of you about everything personal in your liv…wrong blog my bad. Let’s talk MMA bitches!!!  I can be reached at

Josh Hall

Josh Hall is an aspiring novelist and general sports nerd.  His martial arts background includes 8 years of Okinawan Goju Ryu karate that he has forgotten how to use, and a few years of high school wrestling that he never knew how to use in the first place.  Josh loves MMA and kickboxing, but will watch any sanctioned event where participants get to legally beat the hell out of each other or attempt limb removal with submission attempts.  Josh is not here for his technical acumen or incredible vernacular, just so Undercard Superstar can have one the best beards in combat sports coverage.

Tim Hickey

Tim Hickey’s early love affair with MMA started in the mid 90′s when a friend showed him a tape of UFC 1. Not sure what he was looking at, he watched UFC’s 1 thru 5 but could go no futher as the videos disappeared from his local video store. Fast forward to 2005 and the first season of the Ultimate Fighter and suddenly this sport he once enjoyed was on TV and easily excessible via PPV. Utilizing this newfangled thing called the Internet, he gobbled up everything he couldof both the UFC as well as Pride and began buying every PPV from UFC 65 onward. A fight and comic book nerd, his dream is to perhaps one day armbar a bear (or man in a bear costume, but it isn’t a sex thing, I just want to feel like a big man).

TC Engel

Taylor (T.C.) Engel is a 19 year old college student from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. His first experience with combat sports was seeing Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell on a UFC Unleashed rerun, immediately watched UFC 83 (St. Pierre vs. Serra II) with a friend, and was hooked immediately. He’ll watch any combat sports you put in front of him, but is primarily a fan of MMA and boxing, and if you say anything negative about Carlos Condit or Brandon Rios, bad things will happen. Apart from combat sports, he enjoys basically anything else to do with sports, primarily baseball and hockey. He is not the best writer on the site, the funniest writer on the site, or the most Jewish writer on the site, so keep your expectations low. He can be reached at

Lucas Bourdon

Lucas is a 22 year old from France. He was initiated to martial arts in the early 90′s by renowned Karateka Ken Masters through the magic of a SNes controller. After an unsucessful attempt to convince his mother to let him start boxing at 12, he started practicing the obviously much safer sport of rugby. He then seeked to improve his Shoryuken technique a few years later by training in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Shindokai Karate, boxing and Muay Thai. When looking for which martial arts to start he discovered MMA through the awesomeness of Genki Sudo. He is mostly a fan of MMA, boxing, kickboxing and striking arts in general but will watch pretty much any combat sport.

He is often found on MMA blogs under the alias of Sweet Scientist, mostly lamenting about the early retirement of Genki Sudo preventing him to witness the greatness that would have been a fight with Joachim Hansen or fulmining about the over hyping of some kickboxing accomplishments and backgrounds when the owners of said backgrounds transition to MMA (AKA the Wonderboy effect). He can be reached by email at and on twitter @lucas_bourdon.

Nolan Howell

Nolan Howell is a college student looking to make a splash in journalism. He loves sports, including anything with a hint of combat; Whether it be pro wrestling, boxing, MMA, or anything in between.  Howell came over on the Brock Lesnar wave to MMA fandom and has never looked back. For any comments or concerns, reach him at

Daniel Galvan

Daniel Galvan is a 17 year-old high school senior who has aspirations of remaking 2 Girls 1 Cup.  In the meantime, he likes to write about Mixed Martial Arts, root for the Texans, Rockets, and Rangers, and talk about himself in third person.  He also has an extensive background with cows.  Daniel writes for Undercard Superstar, so that he can tell hot girls that he writes for a website. Dan can be reached at @danielgal

Cory Braiterman

Clearly the old man of the group, or at least the curmudgeon, Cory is a lifelong, 3+decade resident of the New York City metro area, otherwise known as the finest city in the world. A junkie for football, MMA and baseball (in that order) and enjoyer of lesser sports like basketball and such, he found himself with free time and a hunger for something to occupy it, so what better void-filler than homosexual skinhead kick-punching? An avid cook, reader and currently working at the paint department, Cory is the site’s rankings contributor.

He occasionally uses the twitting thing @Krmtdfrog, and if you aren’t incredibly stupid, you can email me at

Earl Montclair

Earl Montclair is a Western US based Mixed Martial Arts fan who has been a die-hard follower of the sport since 2008. He is a certified Massage Therapist who uses absolutely none of that schooling in his day job and once met Dana White & Chuck Liddell while being very inebriated on pain pills shortly after his second shoulder reconstruction. Earl is also a dedicated sneakerhead who enjoys the search and acquisition of sweet kicks. The MMA events he has attended go as follows: UFC98, UFC117, UFC121, UFC139 & UFC on FOX 7. You can contact the most diabolical of haters @EarlMontclair, which by the way, is totally his real name.