Loretta Hunt’s Review of The Ultimate Fighter is Awful

Listen, I have no room to talk about anything fight-related.  I’m a blogger.  That’s all I am.

I don’t have access, I don’t have connections, and I barely can pay the power bill to keep this site running.  What I do have, however, is envy and plenty of it.  With that envy comes disdain and with that disdain comes the dissatisfaction of writing that is supposed to be the gold standard of this business.  Writing that is supposed to make us proud in the fight community.  I don’t have a voice, so I trust others to have the voice for me.

And every now and then, that voice disappoints me.  This is one of those times.


“The Ultimate Fighter 18 made its debut on Fox Sports 1 on Wednesday and for the first time in a long time, there’s a lot to like.”

Neat!  Can’t wait to read about it, Ms. Hunt!

“Of course, the twist this season (and it’s a big one) is the addition of women fighters for the first time, not only as coaches with arch rivals Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate…”

Well, it’s arch-rivals or archrivals, but the hell do I know?  You’re employed by Sports Illustrated, of all publications.

“For the last two years on SI.com, I haven’t hidden the fact that I’m a big proponent for women’s fighting. I write about female fighters every chance I get. Not only do they have intriguing stories; you get the vibe that’s there’s been just a little bit more adversity to overcome because, well, they’re women in one of the manliest of man’s worlds.”

God dammit, Loretta, you are right.  You take a look at the arduous road Ronda Rousey had to hoe and you take a guy like Urijah Faber, this guy had it easy, what with taking an entire sister company on his shoulders and building it on his sweat and labor and keeping it a viable television commodity and thus opening the doors for hundreds of smaller fighters, even at the expense of his prime and serious injuries.  Wow, he really got breezed in to the UFC, didn’t he?

“‘If you ask my three-and-a-half-year-old son what his mom does for a living, he’s says she fights in a lion’s cage,” said Peggy Morgan, of Nashua, N.H., who advanced to the house with a first-round TKO.”

That’s sweet, but the fact that your child believes you fight lions doesn’t endear you to me, it makes me question what kind of bedtime stories you read to the poor lad.

“What I like about women’s MMA is that there’s still a much smaller pool of talent to work with, which makes it much easier to follow.”

So, you enjoy WMMA because it’s less work you have to do?

“…Jessica Rakoczy, the weepy, single mother trying to make a better life for her son…”

Weepy?!  You described a struggling single mother trying to put goddamned food on her table for her child as WEEPY?!  If a man had penned that sentence, Jezebel would have burned his house to the ground.  Weepy.  Fucking weepy.

“…Roxanne Modafferi, the lovable, bespectacled nerd you’d never think could fight, let alone be good at it.”

Yes, Roxy, that stowed away fighter that fought on a CBS card and who fought for the undisputed Women’s Bantamweight Championship on Showtime and who, unfortunately, made SportsCenter’s Top-10 plays via her loss.  You know, that unknown.  Also, way to judge Rox’s ability by her looks.  Aren’t you supposed to be helping WMMA, instead of pigeonholing fighters?

“…Shayna Bazsler, the cocky veteran who thinks the world owes her something.”

What?  She does?  Well hell, if you were in the Top-5 in your profession, which you certainly aren’t, would you want to be featured on a national tryout show?

“UFC Dana White wasn’t kidding when he told the male contestants that they have their work cut out for them this season.”

‘UFC Dana White’.  This actually went out in print.  SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.  Just a fantastic effort by all.

“The women are the shiny, new toys”

This is what an MMA writer wrote.  What an MMA writer published.  Online.  For the world to see.  SHINY. NEW. TOYS.  A female MMA writer compared female mixed martial artists to shiny toys, BUT GOD FORBID THOSE AWFUL MEN LOOK AT THEM LIKE OBJECTS.  No, Loretta, we don’t, but apparently you see them as GoBots.

“Even coach Tate isn’t quite sure how the men will pan out on the series, editing-wise.
“That’s the good question,” Tate said, “and I don’t have the answer to that one.”

Fantastic reporting, Loretta.  That’s why you get the big bucks.  Hard-hitting answers.

“Personally, I’m hoping for a love connection, which eventually leads to a wedding in the Octagon. Hey, I met my husband on the job, so why not?”

Yes, Loretta, these aren’t fighters desperately trying to make a living for themselves, it’s your own Love Connection.  Way to make it about yourself at the tidy end.  Jesus.


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